In A Time of Crisis, Remember I Love you Mom

All of us are exposed to many viruses from our daily interactions with different people always and all the time. Nonetheless, our chance of obtaining infection by a mere greeting usually isn’t something that we mind and we normally just take for granted.

Amid a pandemic like COVID-19, health authorities throughout the world have been advocating that people decrease unnecessary physical touch with other people. This includes not being able to kiss and hug anyone including your friends, loved ones, and family including your mom.

Remember I love you Mom

A mother is a vital part of the family. No surprise they are described as homemakers. We normally spend our time with her every day. It’s sad not to be capable to touch the most important person such as your mom to show your gratitude for all the sacrifices she’s made in raising you.

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This isn’t about getting radical changes to our human communications; you still love your mother no matter what. But this is about exercising simple measures to help decrease the risk of infection.

Perfect Gifts for Mom

You can show mom how much you value and appreciate her especially in a time of crisis like this by giving her Alexanta Remember I Love you Mom Tumblers. It’s perfect gifts for mom. These tumblers are more than enough to express how much you love them even if you’re not being able to physically hug and kiss them.

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Giving gifts for mom from daughter doesn’t have to involve expensive gifts but it should be filled with care to let your mother feel that you love her. All Alexanta Tumblers come with a heartwarming engraved message much like your love for your mom that never fades and will always remain forever.

These tumblers are 12oz, generously sized and come in stainless steel that will surely last a lifetime. It’s perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor usage and the lid of the tumblers is BPA free, making them unique and fun.

Every Alexanta tumbler is perfect for non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and has double-wall vacuum insulation with a high-quality 304 food-grade. These gifts for mom from son were constructed in a way that prevents any scratches and rust as well as it can keep the beverage hot or cold for many hours.

Perfect Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

These tumblers are also an excellent gifts for daughter from mom as it’s useful, long-lasting, high quality, and has a uniquely beautiful design. It’s usable while she is running a task, working, sweeping around the house, or just about doing anything!

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We have engraved mom tumbler designs that are absolute gifts for son from mom: ‘Remember I Love You Mom,’ ‘Mom You’re My Best Friend,’ ‘My Mom Is My Superhero,’ and ‘Great Job Mom I Turned Out Awesome.’ Mothers sacrifice a lot for their children, so give her the perfect tumbler with a meaningful message that will brighten her day every time she uses it!

This is a perfect birthday gift for mom. Not only will mom treasure it but it will give mom the giggles as well!

At a time like this when there is so much happening in the world, it’s such a wonderful feeling if your mom receives a gift of love from you.

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