• Alexanta Exercise Dice – Fun Workout Gear, roll the Workout dice anywhere, great workout equipment for home workouts, gym workouts, PE equipments, fitness class
  • 12-Sided Dice – 36 unique workouts – Bundle of 3 EXERCISE DICE: 2 Orange fitness dice packed with 24 HIIT workouts, 1 Green Yoga Dice with 12 Unique Stretch Training
  • Perfect Fitness Gifts – the Ultimate workout gifts for anyone – Great Gym accessories for men, ideal workout equipment for women, fun kids workout equipment set
  • Keep Exercise fun – Roll the fitness dice solo, with family, friends, and get the kids involved!
  • Giant Dice for workout – approx. 4 inches dice! No need to SQUINT or BEND OVER to see each workout exercise
  • 12-sided Workout Foam Dice – Made of Top-Quality durable foam, won’t damage any flooring or wall
  • Fun Workout Stuff to keep you Motivated! Comes with a simple illustration booklet & a mesh carry bag
  • Who says Exercise is a chore? Roll the exercise dice, have fun while exercising & get in the best shape

Discover a way to bond and have fun with your family and friends! Never get bored and stay active with our portable and easy to use workout dice. This is a great value for your money!