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10 Ways To Make Money As A Stay Home Mom

10 Ways To Make Money As A Stay Home Mom

Amidst replacing diapers, cleaning sticky fingers, clearing runny noses, putting away toys, dealing with tantrums, being a stay-at-home mom is definitely a full-time job, unfortunately, it doesn’t pay a full-time income.

This makes it tough for some one-income parents to earn sufficient cash to pay for things they require, let alone build their savings. The good news is, there are means to earn more income without moving the house or compensating your time with your children.

Sell Those Old Movies and kids’ Video Games
You can get quick cash to sell your kids’ old video games, CDs, DVDs, cell phones, and anything old tech. This is very useful for those with older teenagers who have grown up your nest — but sadly left a lot behind.

10 Ways To Make Money As A Stay Home Mom

Income-generating Affiliate Marketing
It is not required to have your own services or products to earn substantial earnings? This is the advantage of a method called affiliate marketing. Promoting other people’s material and when they buy it, you get a portion of the sale! Easy money! You don’t need to carry an inventory, delivery, or give support to the customers!

Create and Set Up your own Online Store
Profit by setting up an online shop right from the comfort of your own home. Building it up is very easy! A lot of people make a suitable profit with online stores. Examples are: eBay, CafePress, Amazon, and Zazzle.

Create and Sell Your Photos
You don’t really need and put up a photo studio to earn extra cash as a professional photographer. There are lots of websites looking to buy digital pictures from you. The more skilled you are at it, the higher cash you will make. You could earn a hundred dollars just for a single photograph!

10 Ways To Make Money As A Stay Home Mom

Provide Any kind of Digital Service for $5 on Fiverr
You can provide all kinds of services from resume writing services, logo designs, even greeting someone a happy birthday! Check out Fiverr’s marketplace to understand what other people purchase there!

Starting writing a blog and make money out of it
Almost everyone’s got a blog now. Most income generating blogs are from commissions, AdSense, and sponsored merchants. You can decide what your blog is about, when to write, what goods to endorse, and what kinds of ads to highlight.

Set up a Garage Sale
Setting up a garage sale is one of the best ways to get income while staying at home. Generate some extra money by clearing out all that unused stuff! Not only you gained cash, but you also have peace of mind by decluttering.

10 Ways To Make Money As A Stay Home Mom

Teach People Learn a different Language
A lot of people are offering to teach their second language that they know how to speak or have knowledge of. You can do this while at home too! You’re not limited to only English, you can teach Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish and more.

Sell valuables such as a watch or even jewelry
Letting go of something that has a market and emotional value is very difficult. Nevertheless, it’s helpful to know that you have that opportunity. Your jewelry or watch won’t get what you or someone else paid for it.

Become an online tutor
You can have flexible work hours when you’re tutoring. You can have the option to work on the weekends and even late evenings. The demand for specialized tutors in certain subject areas is way up high. Earn from $50 an hour for tutoring math and science, physics, and others.

10 Ways To Make Money As A Stay Home Mom

These given opportunities will allow you to earn some funds while your kids are asleep, at school, or even while they’re wide awake at home.


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