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10 Cheapest Places to Travel

10 Cheapest Places to Travel

All over the world, which countries do you think offer the most value and can welcome you with the cheapest cost? Wondering where can you go that will enable you to go for larger, enjoy a tremendous standard, and save money at the same time?

Your Euros, Pounds, especially your Dollars can be worth a lot in many other countries. Due to varying levels of growth and money values around the world, some countries will simply get you much bigger value than others.

10 Cheapest Places to Travel
The Philippines, $35/day
If you decide to visit during shoulder seasons, schedule your flights and prepare your trip way in advance and stick within 1-2 regions. The Philippines has some of the most impressive islands, excellent dive sites, and secret gems that you’d have had to spend so much more to encounter in other sections of the world. The Philippines is deserving every peso you spend.

Taiwan, $34/day
Food in Taiwan is tasty and insanely inexpensive. You can have a plate of aromatic rice with pork on top, a big deep fry chicken chop, or a pot of rich vermicelli with oysters just for less than $2. You know where to go if you are’re craving on a budget! In cities like Taipei and Tainan, you can rent for their bikes, which cost no more than $0.50 per hour, and are gauranteed free for the first 30 minutes!

10 Cheapest Places to Travel
Sri Lanka, $33/day
Transportation, Food, dorms, and Internet access are relatively cheap in Sri Lanka. Taking an uber or a cab in major cities can be way cheaper than paying for a bike. If you can find other tourist to split the cost for hotels, that’s better. Hiring a driver operator for the day can be as low as $5 per person. The most affordable mode of transportation is the train, which is pleasant and the best way to move around Sri Lanka.

Indonesia, $30/day
In Indonesia, it can be cheap or it can be quite expensive, depending on one big thing – your transportation. Traveling between cities can be very costly and time-consuming, This is also the same for moving from one land to another via a private boat. To save, stick with one city or just two! Consuming more time in one site will only let you to travel farther and have a more significant experience.

10 Cheapest Places to Travel
Vietnam, $30/day
Vietnam is where you can have the best and most affordable street food. A bowl of soup with rice noodles, amazing broth, cilantro, and a whole shank of pork for $1.50, or a cup of sweet-smelling coffee just for $1. For transportation, you can rent a motorbike and you’re all set for the day. The long-distance buses and trains are also cheap and good. Hotel and accommodation are also pleasant and easier to afford than almost everywhere else in the world.

Laos, $30/day
Laos was one of the many destinations where you can keep your budget at $30/day. Many of the wondrous ventures you can do in Laos are affordable. $2.50 to view one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world, $7 for a full day tubing adventure along the Vang Vieng river, and $6 for an excellent tiger balm massage. Rent a motorbike and venture off to the smaller villages, where everything is even more affordable! You can get a grand room for $35 that would cost $100 in the US.

10 Cheapest Places to Travel
Northern Thailand, $30/day
If you are short on budget and time for your Thailand tour, stay only up north! If you move south, charges for accommodation start to double. Even in familiar spots like Chiang Mai and Pai, you can quickly find basic dormitories for less than $5. If you stick with having street food alone, you save some money and the experience will be much more genuine and delicious too! For activities go, you do not need a lot of cash to experience your day too.

Kyrgyzstan, $25/day
If you want to try out Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is the country of choice. Food is reasonable and attractive, so is moving around using the mini buses. Public transport costs are fixed and is the most affordable features of visiting Kyrgyzstan. For accommodation, you can find dorms and local home stays in rural for not more than $10.

10 Cheapest Places to Travel


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